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Lines of strategy

2015 – 2018 Strategic Plan: “to lead the way in trust and profitability”

The CaixaBank Group has drawn up its Strategic Plan 2015-18 “Committed to trustworthy and profitable banking”. The main lines of actions were designed against a backdrop of gradual economic recovery, the start-up of the banking union and the increasing importance of technology and innovation in customer relationships. The Spanish financial system is still suffering two effects of the recession: low returns and, more importantly, the poor reputation of banks among the public.

The five strategic priorities are as follows:

1. Best-in-class in quality of service and reputation

CaixaBank wants to stand out for superior customer satisfaction, consolidating its reputation as the model for responsible and socially-committed banking. This strategic line of action also includes the challenge of becoming a benchmark for corporate governance, from retail investor relations to a growing culture of control across all processes.

2. Sustainable profitability above cost of capital

CaixaBank is committed to achieving returns that enable it to pay its shareholders a substantial dividend over time. Revenue will be the main driving force, consolidating CaixaBank’s position as the top bank in the Spanish market and promoting its international business. With the Strategic Plan, returns (ROTE or return on tangible equity) should reach around 12% to 14% in 2017, while the cost-to-income ratio should decrease below 45%.

3. Optimisation of capital allocation

A consistently high level of solvency, one of the pillars of the bank strength, must be underpinned and supplemented by active capital management, so that capital is put to the best possible use. Over the next few years, the proportion of capital allocated to the equity investments and real estate businesses will be significantly reduced.

4. Enhance our leadership in banking digitalisation

CaixaBank should extend its leadership to multi-channel and mobility banking services, and capitalise on the opportunities presented by the digital revolution to provide an enhanced service and strengthen its management capacity across all areas of the organisation. For example, this will involve a comprehensive implementation of electronic signatures, consolidation of new methods of interaction with customers and development of Big Data.

5. Retain and attract the best talent: to ensure the best in-house capabilities

CaixaBank should provide training in key professional competencies and promote decentralised management. In addition, remuneration and promotion schemes will be adapted to business segments and the culture of meritocracy and diversity will be reinforced